Coca Cola Collection from Poland

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Poland wanted cans from sets and single, when you have a can that i miss please let me know and hope to make a good deal !!
[email protected]

Nicolas de Chamfort

Wiktor Hugo


2001 ( 3 missing cans)

These cans for the set "Zabłyśnij od pierwszego wejrzenia" have been produced to
promote one of mobile company in Poland. There were only 6 weeks on the market
(not for sale). This is a set of 5 different cans ??


Can factory: CP

Can number: 20090-1-3

2002 (made in Czech for Poland)

Can factory: CP
Can number: 20090C-1-1


Can factory: CP
Can number: 20088-1-1

Can factory: CP
Can number: 20088-2-2

Special box, produced only 100 pcs for VIP's
Limited box for the Soccer set Euro 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine

My special thanks to Krzysztof Ohla for ussing his pictures for my wanted cans